Structure Repair After a Fire

Restoring any building after a fire is a big job. Very few forces in Texas can cause damage like a fire. Fire can generate more than obvious visual damage. There are unseen damages as well that are costly to repair and hazardous to your health if not repaired properly. After a fire has damaged your home or office, contact us for a fast, friendly, and professional consultation.

Hidden damages are caused during a blaze by extreme heat, smoke, and the extinguishing of the fire. These elements cause damage well beyond the burned area. Heat causes hidden micro-cracks in concrete, brick, and masonry. Smoke makes soot buildup along these cracks as well as in every other room in the structure. The water used to extinguish the structure fire creates the potential for mold to grow. At Total Restoration of Texas LLC, we evaluate all of these factors before repair to ensuring the best possible restoration of your building.

Since the chemistry of fire can contain various complex and severe reactions, every fire requires a unique approach when restoring. We take extra care to ensure that all greases, soot, burns, mold, and potentially hazardous materials are handled and removed properly. This includes materials that have permeated deep into crevices, openings, cracks, and pores throughout the structure. Our contractors are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment designed to make finding these substances easy and every technician is trained to effectively remove them and repair their damage.

All structural repairs are made using only the highest quality replacement materials available. Wooden structures are repaired with top quality lumber. Brick, concrete, and masonry are most commonly repaired using externally bonded steel members and an epoxy adhesive or FRP (fiber reinforced polymers). Steel structures are usually repaired with high-grade steel. The correct materials to repair your structure are determined by the extent of the fire damage, financial constraints, and specific project criteria - during your consultation.

At Total Restoration of Texas LLC, we understand that good contractors make all the difference. Thorough evaluation, proper cleaning, and professional repairs are required to return your structure to its original state. You demand the same building you had before the fire. That’s why our structure fire restoration specialists have been pre-screened, researched, and thoroughly trained to ensure they’re the best in Texas. You can count on Total Restoration of Texas LLC for exceptional customer service, top quality repairs, and affordably priced emergency services. One call is all it takes!