What to Do When Your Home Has Been Flooded

Imagine the shock and sadness of coming home from work or a relaxing vacation to a gigantic puddle where your home once stood. What would you do? Your mind would probably race with all of the things you love that are now damaged. Your mind would then probably wonder, “How could this happen?” and “Now what am I supposed to do?”

Luckily, there are experts to handle your situation and worse. And they are closer than you think! Most of us have insurance on our homes, apartments, and valuables. It will take care of most, if not all, the cost of flood restoration, replacements, and interim lodging.

Call The Restoration Specialists

After your insurance company is aware of the event, the next step is to call the local water damage restoration service. Always ask to be sure, but most of these guys also handle mold removal and prevention to counteract any health risks.

You will want your flood restoration specialists to get started immediately – everything must be dried within two days of the disaster or mold will start to grow. The restoration company will start by removing all of the contents of your home and cleaning and drying them one by one. You will need to inventory items needing replacement. New technology such as drying chambers, electronics cleaning, and water deionizers ensure your belongings are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Thermal Imaging on Flooded Areas

Another tool used for flooded areas is thermal imaging. Infrared cameras can give a complete picture of the damage by identifying any areas that even the most trained experts might miss.

If any standing water, sewage, bugs, or animals are inside the structure, they are eliminated. Then, using huge dehumidifiers and air movers, your property is left to dry. Once the moisture is gone, the restoration begins. Many times water damage is more devastating than smoke damage because you can’t see it and it can seep through floors and walls if improperly extracted.

Restoring Flood Damage

Your home is then cleaned top to bottom. Nearby flooring, baseboards, drywall, and insulation are all replaced to ensure mold does not flourish, as well as the leaky pipe or roof that let all the water in to cause the damage in the first place. Air scrubbers and ionizers may also be employed to guarantee the area is fresh and safe to breathe.

Severe weather, old or low-quality construction, and negligent neighbors can be recipes for disaster. Quick response times and proper handling can make certain that your home and your life are put back to normal quickly and with minimal disruption.

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