Fire and Smoke Board Up Services

An unoccupied home, either damaged or abandoned, is like an open safe sitting on a street corner. The contents within are unprotected, highly visible, and easily taken. If curious children, vandals, thieves, or squatters know it’s vacant they will enter. This can result in stolen property, costly damage, and possible liability. If your home is unoccupied for any reason call Total Restoration of Texas LLC today and ask about out affordable board up services.

The event of a house fire and its extinguishing process can cause damage that will expose your house to the public. Walls burn down. Doors get kicked in. Windows get broken. These openings make your appliances, furniture, and other valuables easily accessible to anyone that walks by. Total Restoration of Texas LLC’s board up services will provide your home with superior protection from these strangers and prevent additional loss and damage. This process can also speed up repairs to these damaged areas.

In most cases, when a home floods, it’s occupants will be required to evacuate. Then the home will need to completely dry out before any repairs can be made. Depending on the total extent of water penetration there could be several weeks, or even months, where the home is left unguarded and unprotected. The board up services offered by Total Restoration of Texas LLC will keep your home and its contents safe until permanent repairs can be made.

While disasters like house fires and floods strike without warning, natural disasters such as large storms, hurricanes, and tornados, which can produce high-speed winds, heavy rains, and flying debris, offer you the chance to protect your home before any damage occurs. At Total Restoration of Texas LLC, we have the professional tools, experience, and materials required to protect your home and its contents from most natural disasters. Call us before nature strikes!

Whether the disaster has already occurred or is on its way, one call to Total Restoration of Texas LLC can protect you and your home from damage, additional expenses, increased repair time, and personal liability. Our board up services are on call 24-hours a day and can be at your location within one hour in most cases. All of the technicians at Total Restoration of Texas LLC are professionally trained, licensed and certified. So you can rest assured that we’ll get your home protected, secured, and boarded up right. We can also repair the damage caused by fires and floods. Contact us today for a friendly consultation.

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