What to do When You’re Experiencing a Home Flood

What to do When You're Experiencing a Flood

Depending on where you live, floods can be one of the most commonly occurring natural disasters. Total Restoration of Texas LLC handles flood restoration and water damage in Austin, TX. Though storms can't be prevented or stopped, there are simple ways to minimize damage caused by flooding. If your house is in a floodplain, preparing for a flood is essential. If you aren't in an area that typically floods, it doesn't mean it will never happen. Take the proper precautions in preparation and you'll be able to handle a flooding disaster more easily. Ideally, homeowners have an evacuation plan and an emergency kit prepared ahead of time, however, if you find yourself in a flood and do not have emergency plans in place, Total Restoration of Texas LLC can help.

Experiencing a Home Flood? Be Alert!

Keep your eyes and ears open for news pertaining to the storm. Listen to the radio, check the news stations on television, or monitor the weather stations on your phone. Be aware of any bayous, drainage channels, or canyons are known to suddenly flood. Pay attention to water levels and prepare to evacuate in the event of sudden flooding.

Prepare to Evacuate

If evacuation is may be necessary, prepare by securing outdoor furniture in a garage or by bringing it inside. Move essential items and furniture to a higher level or upper floor. Turn off utilities if instructed to do so, and disconnect electrical appliances. Do not handle electrical while wet or standing in water! If you have time to pack an overnight bag do so. Do not allow children to play in flood waters! Along with the risk of contamination, undercurrents invisible to the naked eye can pull even the most experienced swimmer under.

Evacuating While Experiencing a Flood

If conditions worsen and evacuation is necessary, take caution when leaving. As little as 6 inches of moving water can knock a person down. If you have to walk in water, choose a route where the water is not moving. Never drive a car into flooded waters, or park near streams or rivers when conditions are threatening. Water rising can quickly undertake a vehicle or camper and create a dangerous situation.

Recovering from a Flood

Flood waters in a house can cause serious and extensive damage. When you return home, keep the main breaker off until you have determined your home is safe. If you have had flood waters in your home, calling a professional restoration team immediately is your best option. A reputable flood restoration company like Total Restoration of Texas LLC works with insurance companies to provide thorough and timely repairs. Floods can cause sewage pipes to rupture and filthy water to filter through your home. This presents a biohazard only the professionals can properly restore. Take care to provide the proper precautions to get your home safely back in shape for your family again.

If you need help with flood damage or water damage in Austin, call Total Restoration of Texas LLC NOW! The faster we get there, the faster you will be back to normal. (512) 698-8444

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