If flooding has damaged your Texas residential or commercial property, we’re here to help. Total Restoration of Texas specializes in the proper restoration of property and personal belongings that have been damaged by water. Whether a leaky pipe, overflowing toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, cracked foundation, or damaged roof caused your flood, we have the knowledge and equipment to restore your property to pre-loss condition. One call is all it takes!

When our IICRC certified flood restoration technicians arrive at your location they’ll begin by conducting a thorough walkthrough and inspection of every affected area on your property. Using state-of-the-art water sensing equipment, infrared tools, and probes they’ll be able to determine the source of the flood and full extent of the damage. This information will be used to determine the water damage classification based on IICRC standards and precise documentation will be made. We use industry standards for pricing when calculating the value of property loss and the cost of our restoration services. This allows us to accurately determine total restoration costs and minimize (or eliminate) any unexpected and potentially shocking future expenses.

Since no two floods are the same, we’ll put together a custom strategy for extracting the water and restoring your water-damaged property. We always follow the drying principles set by IICRC. These drying strategies are designed using proven and reliable restoration techniques based on extensive consultation, research, and information gathered from numerous sources. So you can rest assured that our water restoration technicians will not only restore your property to pre-loss condition – They’ll do it right!

During restoration of your property we will carefully monitor every aspect of the job. Carelessness is not acceptable. While drying out your property, our technicians will work around or gently move books, electronics, furniture, and other materials that may or may not have been damaged by the flood. They’ll also sterilize, sanitize, deodorize, and properly store these items until job completion. In cases where water damaged items are unsalvageable, we’ll properly dispose of them for you. Total Restoration of Texas does it all.

By continually evaluating our progress, room temperature, and air humidity levels we can ensure that every stage is completed properly before we move on to the next. This allows us to adjust how we use air movers, dehumidifiers, and scrubbers. This also keeps equipment usage costs low. From drying, sanitizing, and deodorizing contaminated areas to final repair – at Total Restoration of Texas we offer complete and affordable water damage restoration services. Call us today. We’ll be at your location within an hour and begin work immediately!