Why Your Flood Damage Must Be Corrected Immediately

We’ve seen the effects of flooding and know how bad it can be. It doesn’t matter if your home or building has been flooded due to natural causes or some appliance just malfunctioned, water damage must be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Water is a very powerful element of nature. Powerful enough to carve out the Grand Canyon! This element can also be very damaging when left to seep into the very heart of your dwelling: the wooden beams. Water easily makes its way through carpet and padding, paint and drywall, to rest in the wood. Standing moisture in dark, warm, germy places is a recipe for rot, mold, mildew which are destructive to your building and your health!

Our goal is to save your structure by properly drying the space as quickly as possible. There is less down time for you and virtually no chance of harmful growth and decay occurring if we are called quickly enough.

We are available round the clock to help you avoid any such headaches. Total Restoration of Texas LLC uses powerful, state of the art commercial dehumidifiers and high cubic foot per minute (CFM) air movers to start the drying process. Infrared imaging helps us make sure every last water molecule has evaporated. These techniques are a must for your furniture and belongings as well. Our techniques save your home’s skeleton from costly repair and demolition.

Let’s work together to avoid calling in the demolition teams and construction companies. Use our 24-hour emergency service to take care of your flooding today.

Total Restoration of Texas LLC provides the following services:

We serve the following Austin-area communities:

  • Austin
  • Buda
  • Cedar Park
  • Georgetown
  • Kyle
  • Lakeway
  • Leander
  • Lockhart
  • New Braunfels
  • Pflugerville
  • Round Rock
  • San Marcos