5 Home Restoration Disasters That Could’ve Been Avoided

Don't be a victim of natural disasters!

Frozen Burst Pipes

Insufficient insulation over outdoor pipes and pipes in crawl spaces or attics are susceptible to freezing and bursting. If freezing temperatures hit exposed pipes, ice can cause blockages and ultimately cause the pipe to burst. Flood damage from busted pipes can cause thousands of dollars to repair and require professional resolutions. By covering exposed pipes with insulation, you can easily prevent this home disaster.

Wildlife in the House

Last year, thousands of homeowners had unwanted critters in their homes due to exposed chimneys, doggie doors, and dryer vents. Squirrels, in particular, have caused thousands of dollars in damage for homeowners when they become trapped in a home. When trapped, they chew through any and everything available searching for a way out. This includes wires, which can lead to a fire and can be deadly. Squirrel infestations can cause serious damage and are best left to the professionals because if not handled properly they will come back! Check all vents and openings to make sure they are properly secured and sealed to avoid this situation.

Unattended Candles

As simple and safe as candles seem, they cause millions of dollars in fire damage every year. While delightful, if left burning too long problems can occur. Always keep an eye on them when lit, and never leave a candle burning when you leave the house. One candle can destroy an entire house and lifetime of memories.

Washing Machine Flood

All too often homeowners arrive to a disaster after going to work and starting a load of laundry. If a hose is not secured properly or bursts, a flood of water can destroy your home. Flood damage is a serious problem and must be treated by professionals because of the threat of bacteria growth. This can easily be prevented by purchasing no-burst hoses that are made of a material that does not rupture. This little fix can prevent washing machine hose floods!

Chimney Fire

A well-used chimney can be a recipe for disaster if not well maintained. Over time, layers of creosote can build up within the walls of the chimney and present a serious fire risk. Have your chimney checked and/or professionally cleaning annually depending on how frequently it is used. Always have someone come to inspect it after purchasing a new home, regardless of what the previous owners say about the chimney’s maintenance.

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